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to ANWA U – All Nations Worship Assembly’s Education Department, the premier destination for equipping our members with knowledge of the Word of God, the spirit of excellence, and an understanding of Kingdom living. We are glad you’re here! Our core objectives:


Prepare students for lives that reflect, serve and honor God


Unlock potential of individual students


Shape Godly philosophy that allows students to engage and transform culture


Train leaders and teach skills for better leadership practices


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New Members

Get acquainted with ANWA’s leaders, culture and DNA as you learn about All Nations Worship Assembly as a New Member! This course is required if you desire to serve in ministry at ANWA.

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Learn about foundational biblical principles essential for growth as a Believer and member of ANWA. This course is required if you desire to serve in ministry at ANWA.

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Life Of Jesus

The Life of Jesus course is a refreshing and exciting course about the most important person to ever walk the face of the earth, Jesus Christ! This course is designed to draw you closer in relationship to Jesus by taking you on an intimate journey of exploration into the many facets of His ministry. As you learn about Jesus the Transformer, Jesus the Miracle Worker, and Jesus the Overcomer, you will walk away with a deeper, more personal connection to the one we call Savior

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Financial Stewardship

Financial Stewardship Academy is a course designed to teach you how to faithfully steward the resources God has entrusted you with. Learn what the bible says about money, and how to apply the Word of God to successfully achieve financial freedom. This course will teach you how to stop living your life based on payments, and start living your life based on purpose.

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New Images

Gain new perspectives about your life by focusing on your history, background, and root of dysfunction. You’ll learn how to manage and overcome your dysfunction to accelerate your personal growth.

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Accelerated Foundations

Take a fast-paced approach to learning biblical principles essential for growth as a believer and member of All Nations Worship Assembly. The same topics are covered in the standard Foundations course, however over a 5 week vs 10 week time frame. Students who opt to take this course should have a good grip on fundamental biblical principals as this course is a fast-paced course. Students should expect to spend 6-8 hours each week outside of class.

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